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What do our Employees Say?

Gopal Kondath


Expertise in Ramping-up Large Engineering / Media /Banking / Technology / Consulting Organizations by Providing Strategic Sourcing Support

As the Director, our employees genuinely love being part of our organization, and for good reason. We are dedicated to fostering a culture of respect, collaboration, and personal growth, cultivating a positive environment where all individuals feel valued and appreciated. Our belief is to acknowledge and celebrate every person's unique talents and contributions, which creates a sense of belonging and empowerment. At GK HR Consulting, we prioritize the growth of our employees through professional development and continuous learning. Our team operates like a family, supporting each other as we work towards personal and organizational goals. This strong bond and camaraderie encourage our employees to give their best daily, resulting in a fulfilling career and an exceptional workplace at GK HR Consulting.

Indira Gopal


Indira is an able leader with more than 2 decades of experience in BFSI, Technology & IT Services Industry.

I am Indira Gopal, Director of GK HR Consulting India Pvt. Ltd, with over 20 years of experience in the BFSI, Technology, and IT Services Industry. Our journey has been inspiring, and I am proud of what we have achieved so far. Our success has been possible due to our adaptability, nurturing our team, and building strong client relationships. The challenges we face have only fueled our determination to pursue excellence and make a positive impact in our industry. I am grateful for your contribution towards creating a remarkable future together.

Senior Business Relations Team

Sharath Kashyap

Senior Manager – Business Relations

Sharath manages large European & American clients in the Storage, Semiconductor & Virtualization space for GKHRC

I have had an incredible journey as Senior Manager - Business Relations at GKHRC since early 2011. I hold a Bachelor's degree in CBZ from Bangalore University, and I bring a diverse skill set with prior experience in L&D, Business Development, and the Pharmaceutical industry. My primary role involves managing large European & American clients in the Storage, Semiconductor & Virtualization space. I take pride in building new client relationships and setting up efficient delivery teams. One of my strengths lies in identifying the right talent for our clients, which has led to successful collaborations and lasting partnerships. Over the years, I have honed my skills in client handling and team mentoring, and this multi-faceted approach has contributed significantly to our growth and success at GKHRC. My passion lies in creating strong client connections and fostering a high-performing team culture. As I continue on this journey, I look forward to more opportunities to excel, learn, and contribute to the growth of GKHRC and the satisfaction of our valued clients.

Mahuya Bhattacharjee

Senior Manager – Business Relations

Mahuya has delivered on prestigious mandates in ERP/SAP, Cloud, hybrid, AI Space

As a Senior Manager in Business Relations, I have had the honor of leading prestigious projects in the ERP/SAP, Cloud, hybrid, and AI space. My expertise in the field has been instrumental in building trust with clients. I take pride in providing top-notch service to multiple large-scale clients at GKHRC. With a Master's degree in Mathematics from Assam University and based in Bangalore, my passion lies in bridging the gap between clients and cutting-edge solutions. It has been a rewarding journey so far, and I look forward to continuing to contribute to the growth and success of GKHRC while building strong and enduring relationships with our esteemed clients.

Claudia Jushu

Senior Manager – Business Relations

Claudia develops & manages multiple large accounts in IT Product & GIC space for GKHRC.

As Senior Manager - Business Relations at GKHRC since mid-2009, my experience has been rewarding. With 17 years in the recruitment consulting industry, I'm proud of my work developing and managing large IT Product & GIC accounts. One of my most significant achievements was starting operations for American and European clients in India from scratch. It's been an exciting journey partnering with retail and IT market leaders across various levels. My expertise in senior-level and HR search helps me build strong connections with clients and deliver exceptional results. With a Bachelor's degree in Arts, I'm driven to excel and contribute to GKHRC's growth and success, as well as that of our esteemed clients.

Senior Talent Acquisition Leaders

Subhashini S

Manager – Talent Acquisition

It has been an absolute pleasure working with GKHR. Every day I’m getting a new opportunity to acquire knowledge and challenge my problem-solving skills

I thoroughly enjoy my role as the Manager of Talent Acquisition at GKHR. Working with such a dedicated team has allowed me to learn and enhance my problem-solving abilities. Every day comes with unique challenges, and I appreciate the chance to develop and succeed in this dynamic workplace. GKHR has given me an excellent platform to excel and contribute to our team's accomplishments, and I am excited to continue on this fulfilling journey with the company.

Mandara Rajendrakumar

Senior Lead – Talent Acquisition

I feel great being associated with GK HR and has been close to 3 years now, initially I, was a little hesitant to pick this profession

Throughout my nearly three-year tenure with GK HR, I have had an exceptional experience. Initially, I hesitated to pursue this profession due to my diverse background, but I ultimately decided to try it. I am grateful that I did because Gopal has been a constant source of support, motivating me at every turn. His guidance, approachability, and encouragement have bolstered my confidence throughout my time here. I am also thankful to Indira Gopal, who taught me valuable recruitment, coordination, client management, and operations skills. It has been an exciting journey with many ups and downs. Starting as a sourcing specialist and eventually becoming a Lead - Talent Acquisition, each day has been a learning experience. The friendly colleagues, positive atmosphere, skill-building opportunities, and balance of work and fun have created an excellent environment at GK HR. I am grateful for this enriching experience and look forward to continued growth and success in this vibrant setting.

Mamatha Manjunath

Senior Lead – Talent Acquisition

I have been a part of GKHR since 2016 and it has been a life-changing opportunity for me.

After my first delivery, I faced a lot of challenges in fulfilling the needs of regular office work with a small kid. That's when Gopal offered me a work from home option, which gave me a lot of confidence to do more. He also entrusted me with additional responsibilities like client handling. His support to newcomers to handle critical situations is commendable. Throughout my journey with GKC, I was given various opportunities, including a one-year onsite at the client's place, to enhance my learning curve. In a nutshell, our organization helps employees improve themselves towards perfection and success. It is also the best place to work with a lot of transparency, motivation, and clear processes. The management and higher authorities are approachable and employee-friendly. I am pleased to be a part of GKC and I am sure that GKHR has been a support system for all those young and energetic housewives/women who wanted to kick start their career and achieve more on their career front by offering them flexible work options.

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