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Let’s get back among friends! – Announcing the GKHRC Boomerang Program!

Employee Boomerang Program - GKHRC

People, we worked together in the past and grew as a team. We faced challenges, worked hard, collaborated as teams, learned from our experiences, and succeeded! But, due to unavoidable reasons, you moved on!

How about coming back to GKHRC?

There cannot be a better time than now to look back and cherish those wonderful memories and have a relook at your career plans.

We are expanding our recruitment team (WFH/Virtual and Office Teams). The Boomerang program facilitates and paves the way for a smooth return to gkhrc. We are here to welcome you back! Let’s get back to those days when we worked together as a family, where you liked the people around, the friendly work environment, and healthy work-life balance….

So, who is eligible?

– You should have worked with us before 😊

– Have you left GKHRC on a voluntary separation note? Could be for maternity, family commitments, or financial commitments. Maybe the family shifted, or even to explore a career outside GKHRC

– You still cherish those memories when we worked together and had good fun! 

– You were a performer when you worked with us.

If you meet the above criteria, it’s time to get back home!

Home is calling! And we are eagerly waiting.

Thanks to all those boomerangs who have recently returned to GKHRC and those who are on the verge of coming back!

How to apply? You can connect with any one of us. Our numbers, like us, are the same… 

Gopal Kondath (gopal@gkhrconsulting.com)

Mahuya Bhattacharjee (mahuya@gkhrconsulting.com)

Claudia Jushu (claudia@gkhrconsulting.com)



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