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GKHRC Bike(Bicycle) Program!

GKHRC Bike(Bicycle) program

We have seen the beautiful Bangalore during lockdown (at least from your house terrace) No traffic noise, no pollution, we could sight rare breed of birds in our neighborhood including some aquatic birds. – Bangalore was indeed beautiful.

Now that lockdown is getting lifted in phases, we are also coming out slowly but surely! life might rerun back to normalcy at some stage. Normalcy means – Traffic Jams, pollution, honking sound to us. Apparently birds will fly away and we will be all over on the streets again. GKHRC has reopened our office 3 weeks back! I guess this is the right time to rethink our mode of commute to work.

Yesterday, June 3rd, 2020 was celebrated as World Bicycle day, refer to the UN site for details: https://www.un.org/en/observances/bicycle-day.

We have been talking about being environmentally friendly as we do not want to contribute to pollution, traffic, etc. Given the current situation wherein most of us do not consider public transport as a safe option this becomes the best time to pick up a Bike (Bicycle). At least let us not add fuel to the fire in a small and simple way how we were doing it till now. Maybe COVID’19 has thought us another lesson to take care of nature as much as possible so that it will take care of you.!

In view of the above, we are launching the “GKHRC Bike(Bicycle) program”!

Who can participate in this program: All those who work from GKHRC office and the client place are eligible to participate in this program provided you travel to “Work – Home – Work” by Bicycle.

What is GKHRC Bike (Bicycle) program:

The objective of GKHRC Bicycle program is to make it more convenient for all those who want to move to Bicycle:

– Cash benefit of Rs. 3000/month if you cycle to work. We will maintain a tracking system and pay this amount separately as an allowance. This is given as a token of appreciation for contributing to the wellness of society.

– Bicycle loan program – if you do not have a good bicycle and want to buy one, GKHRC will provide loans with a Flexi repayment schedule.

– We will provide a safe & secure parking place. Bring your bicycle and make sure you lock it!

– Change room – We have provided separate clean restrooms for Men & Women.

– A cloth storage provision will be provided to store your belongings.

Since most of us live nearby (5-7 KM) radius transition would be easier.

Benefits of cycling to work:

– Your cash in hand will increase as you save on fuel & vehicle maintenance, gym membership cost, medical expense.

– We will not contribute to the traffic congestion and you will never get stuck in traffic (lift your cycle, change the track and keep moving😊)

– Cycling helps you gain more energy and you will be vibrant throughout the day…You will be more active not only at work but also at home when you return back home in the evening.

– Fitness will become a way of life.!

– And finally, you will be a trendsetter by moving to a bicycle. Like how WFH has seen very common post-Corona, Biking to work will also be seen the same way.!

 Let’s pick up another good habit, take home more money, good health, and let’s do it in style.



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