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Diversity check @ GKHRC on a Woman’s Day!

Diversity Check - Womens Day - GKHRC

We had a good women’s celebration @ GKHRC office last week.

By the way, I guess the industry has geared up for this occasion a few months earlier itself. Jan & Feb ’20 have been ‘Gender Diversity’ months for us and the trend is continuing. In fact, we began the year 2020 on a Diversity note. The first requirement that we got from a client was a Diversity mandate.

As many of you know, we are specialized in hiring for technology product organizations and global capability centers (GCC) in India. We have been receiving communications from different American & European Product clients regarding their plan to hire women talent in a big way this year and their plan is to increase the diversity workforce across the globe.

Some clients have made it mandatory to fill 60% of their positions through women candidates this year so that their gender diversity overall ratio gets better. The others have announced lucrative incentive schemes for recruiters/consultants with an extra % of the placement fee.

Even some mid-sized organizations are providing great benefits for women workforce such as feeding rooms, and day-care for kids at the office. Earlier these were available only in large organizations. Now, big corporate have begun considering women candidates who have taken long breaks – earlier this was not the case, they considered a maximum of 1 year as a break. Going by the trend, it looks like this year is marked for “Gender Diversity”.

Diversity plans and strategies have been there for decades – nothing new about it but this year the intensity has been very high and most of the MNCs are gearing up at the same time of the year as if there is a serious mandate from someone, somewhere.

While this is going on, we had a great Women’s Day celebrations @ gkhrc and using this opportunity we took time to check on our Gender Diversity mix @ GKHRC.

We are at 72% women employees across GKHRC (~150 plus staff).

I am not surprised.

Thanks to all those multitaskers who have chosen to work with us.



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