Career Coaching


K S Ramanan

Consultant & Coach - Career Coaching and People Leadership

KS Ramanan has been involved in training and coaching corporate professionals, setting up teams and running a large Global Learning & Development function. After having spent 30 years, he came out of corporate life to further expand the canvas of his life. 
Today, he is engaged in a variety of pursuits. As an independent Learning & Development consultant-facilitator and Coach at corporate entities and social sector organizations, he has been engaged in coaching and facilitation. In addition, for social sector organizations, he help them build capabilities around people and processes to take them to scale.

He has also published his first e-book, ’31 Ways to Reclaim Your Happiness’. He is a Motivational Speaker too.

Currently, he also offer Life Coaching & Career Coaching through his website to interested individuals:

Career Coaching

If you are a professional looking for career coaching or life coaching, we are here to support you. Over the last 35+ years of my career, I have supported hundreds of professionals in the industry to help them revisit their careers and their lives. If you are looking at any of the following, I am there to support you as a Career Coach:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Managing Change
  • Helping you step out of their comfort zone using ‘Mindsport’
  • Helping you leverage the features of LinkedIn to make your profile stand out
  • Helping you be productive even as you wait for a job to show up
  • Reinventing your career
  • Employee engagement
  • Effective supervision
  • Effective Execution for results
  • Overcoming the Monday morning blues
  • Building your self-belief/confidence
  • Finding a career that you love
  • Getting clear on your goals
  • Staying accountable to your goals
  • Managing your boss
  • Managing career transitions
  • Mid-career crisis
  • Transitioning to a different career, eg. corporate sector to social sector transition.